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Sherlck is the place where you can improve your intellectual and critical thinking abilities by solving and generating puzzles!

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Generate unlimited amount of puzzles

You can generate unique puzzles based on your interests and tastes.

Have fun

You can call your friends and try to solve challenging puzzles together.

Improve critical-thinking skills

Puzzles can increase your ability to think faster and make correct decisions.

Easy to use

Dashboard, generate and ranked pages - all you need here.

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Show everyone your deductive abilities!

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Compete with other users in the world

Solve the puzzles in real time, get the right answer and raise your rating in the application. Check your answers until the timer stops.

Mobile Responsive Application

Sherlck is designed as a mobile first responsive web app.

Powered by AI

This application is powered by latest technologies and tools, so you don't need to worry about puzzles' creativeness and uniqueness.

Make your future brighter.

By solving puzzles you can increase your intelligence and after time your sharp mind will help you anyway.

Are you ready to test your intellectual abilities?

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